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Capital Budgeting is simply an analysis and evaluation of investment projects that normally produce benefits over a number of years. The Capital Budgeting Decision is important, because a firms future success will often depend on current investment decisions. Typical projects include the acquisition of plant and equipment, a marketing strategy, or the opening of a new retailing outlet. So all these new projects are expected to yield future benefits in the future, and an investment must be made by the business in order to benefit the rewards of the project. in this case analyzing the projects return against the amount invested, is very important, as the business needs to know the value they getting out of investing in the project. Analyzing the project and its future benefits is known as Capital Budgeting.

in this course, we will be looking at effective ways in which a business can use to analyse a project, and see which techniques can a business use in order to effectively analyse proposed projects

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Capital Budgeting
Introduction to Capital Budgeting FREE 00:00:00
Techniques For Analyzing Capital Expenditure Proposals FREE 00:00:00
Payback period
Pay Back Period introduction 00:00:00
Pay Back Period for Project A: FREE 00:00:00
Payback Period Project B 00:00:00
Payback Period method overview 00:00:00
Exam type Question Payback 00:00:00
Pay Back period 00:10:00
Accounting Rate of Return
Introduction to Accounting Rate of Return 00:00:00
Accounting Rate of return for Project A 00:00:00
Accounting rate of Return for project B 00:00:00
Accounting rate of Return Overview 00:00:00
Exam type of question ARR 00:00:00
Accounting rate of return quiz 00:20:00
Net Present Value
What is time value of money ? 00:00:00
Finding the present value 00:00:00
Finding the Net Present value for a project with DIFFERENT cash flows 00:00:00
Finding the Net Present value for a project with SAME cash flows 00:00:00
Exam type Question: Net-Present Value 00:30:00
Calculate the NPV for Project A and B 00:05:00
Internal Rate of return
The Effect of the discount Rate 00:00:00
understanding the position of the Internal Rate of Return 00:00:00
Calculating The IRR for a Project with the same Cash Flow 00:00:00
Calculating the IRR for a Project with different Cash Flows 00:00:00
Exam Type Question: Internal Rate of Return 00:30:00
Finding the internal rate of return for project B 00:30:00
Interna rate of return quiz 00:06:00

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